Below is a guide to each of the Hollie Guard App features and how to use them.


If you would like to leave any information about an area you are in, you can do it in the Report feature. This feature can be found by clicking Report in the dashboard.

Learn more about Report


By simply holding down the hexagon button for 6 seconds, this sets off an alert and activates the user’s camera.

Learn more about Alerts


Journey allows your users to set a start and end point and alerts their nominated contacts and the Control Centre once they safely arrive or trigger a panic alarm.

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This allows users to feel safe when going into a dangerous meeting or performing a dangerous task.

Learn more about Meeting

Panic Button

Your panic button is how you set off an alert. This can be either a button you hold or you can change it to a shake-to-activate.

Learn more about Panic Button

Man Down

The Man Down feature senses sudden drops or inactivity for added safety during Meeting and Journey modes.

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Mass Notifications help you stay informed. These can be send through in app notifications or to your email.

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