What Is Journey Mode?

Journey allows you to set a start and end point. The app will then automatically monitor your Journey. It will notify your emergency contacts when you begin your journey, when you complete your journey and if you press the Alert button.

It’s great to have peace of mind when you are travelling from the start to your location. Knowing that your activated Emergency Contacts (and our monitoring centre if you have Hollie Guard Extra) are monitoring your journey makes it a more relaxing experience.

Starting a journey

  • Click ‘Journey’ on the dashboard. Within ‘Journey’ you will see your current location on a map. 
  • You can select your start point by moving the green icon to where your journey will begin or by entering the address in the box below ‘Start’.
  • To select your destination, click on destination and select your destination point by moving the red icon or by entering the address in the box below ‘Destination’.
  • Click ‘Start Journey’. 
  • You will be given the option to save your start location and destination for future use and to ‘add journey notes’ or a ‘duration for your journey’.
  • Press ‘Start Journey’ to activate your journey. 

Please note: Each journey must be at least 100 metres from start to finish. 

Adding a note to your Journey

It’s worth adding a note to your journey if you have low battery or are likely to go through areas of bad connectivity. Your emergency contacts will then be able to see this information and act accordingly. For more information about using the app with low battery, click here.

Journey Duration

Adding a timer to your journey is important as it will send an automatic Alert to your emergency contacts if you do not arrive at your destination in time. This will notify them that you may not be safe. 

You will be notified with 60 seconds to go before an Alert will be activated. It will alert you by beeping and vibrating. It will alert you again with 30 seconds to go before an Alert will be activated. 

You can extend or cancel your Journey by typing in your four-digit pin.

Do I have to stick to one route?

No, our app is not a route planner, which means you can choose how to get from A to B safe in the knowledge that you have shared your Journey details with your emergency contacts

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