Meeting - Connectivity, Data & Battery Use

Running out of battery or coverage during a Meeting

Don’t worry, the timer runs independently in the cloud during a Meeting. If you run out of battery, go out of a coverage area or your phone is destroyed in an emergency situation, the timer will keep running independently of your mobile phone. 

An alarm will activate via the cloud if the timer ends without you turning it off and it will notify your activated Emergency Contacts (and our monitoring centre if you have Hollie Guard Extra).

Using your app in areas of bad connectivity

If you have WiFi in these areas, you can use the app as normal. If you don’t have any connection, including WiFi, it is not possible for your phone to load any apps and therefore you will not be able to use it during this time. Journey, Panic Button and Man Down will not function without connectivity to your phone.

Using your app without battery

You will not be able to use your phone without battery and therefore your app will not work. If you plan to use your app, please make sure your phone is fully charged. 

Battery usage

The battery our app uses will depend on your phone. On average, if the app is in the background all day, it will use 5% of your battery, which is less than most social media apps. 

Data usage

The data the app uses will depend on your phone. Only a very small amount of data is used for sharing, so it’s unlikely you’ll notice it, it’s also less than other map-based apps. When you raise an Alert (link to feature: alert) we typically take three 10 second clips, which are around 1MB each. You will only raise an Alert in an emergency. It’s possible to shorten the clips to save on data, but please be aware that we won’t be able to gather as much information from you in an emergency in this case. 

Your Alert history is in the cloud, so that won’t take up any of your device memory. It uses the same amount of device memory as it would take for you to browse the internet. 

Without data on your phone, we will be unable to receive your alert unless you are on WiFi. When no connection is available, we will store information locally on your phone and then as soon as you have data available, we will receive your Alert. If you’re unsure what sort of connection you need to use the app, please click here.

Location Sharing Accuracy

We can pin-point to within two metres of your exact location. This number does vary dependent on the network connectivity on your phone. We can still locate you indoors as long as you are still connected via 4G, 3G, GPRS or WiFi. If you’re in a building with multiple floors, we will be able to locate you to the exact floor and room.

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