If you have received a notification to your App but you are not sure why, this article is designed to explain the reasons you may receive notifications and what to do if you receive one. 

Helpful tip: In order to receive any notifications, please make sure you ‘allow notifications’ in the settings of your device. 

Mass notifications

The app is able to send out mass notifications to you via email or via notifications. You may receive these from time to time to alert you to emergencies, warnings, real-time updates or marketing. 

You will not receive these important messages on your device if notifications are turned off. In the case that your notifications are turned off you will receive these messages via email only. 

Notifications to your Emergency Contacts

Your Emergency Contact will be notified by SMS and/or email if you raise or cancel an Alert or set up or cancel a Journey. They will only be notified if the ‘ALERT’ button next to your contact’s group is on.

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