Using your Panic Button

The ability to activate an Alert is one of the key features of the app. When the Alert is activated, this sets off an alarm and activates the camera. This information is then sent to your activated Emergency Contacts (and our monitoring centre if you have Hollie Guard Extra).

Did you know? When you log on for the first time, you will be asked to test your alarm. Find out more about testing your alarm here.

Raising an Alert

Raising an alert is effortless with our two Alert profiles; by holding down the ‘Send Alert’ button on the the home page of the app or by shaking the phone. The way you activate your alert depends on the Alert Profile you have activated. 

Raising an alert in stealth mode

You raise an alert in stealth mode either by tapping or shaking the phone, dependent on what option you have activated within your settings. If you raise an alert in stealth mode and want to cancel it, you will have to double tap your Alert wallpaper to deactivate. 

At this point you can activate your Distress Pin if you are still in danger. 

Raising an alert in deterrent mode

The idea of Deterrent mode is to make it clear to people in your surrounding area that an Alert has been raised. Anybody who looks at the phone will see that your GPS location is being monitored and audio/video evidence has been uploaded. The phone will display a red ‘alert raised’ screen. 

Studies have shown that this will deter somebody from attacking or stealing a phone. When you are in Deterrent mode, you can also shake the phone to set off an Alert. To activate this function, edit your alert functions. This will generate a high pitched alarm. 

If you are forced to cancel your alarm by an attacker, at this point you can activate your Distress Pin.

Distress Pin

In an emergency, you may be forced to cancel an alert by an attacker. This pin allows an extra level of protection. When cancelling the alert, you can type in ‘9999’ instead of your usual four-digit pin code.This will escalate and prioritise your Alert by notifying the Monitoring Centre that you have been forced to cancel your Alert. 

You can use ‘9999’ at any point, when asked for your pin, to escalate your Alert. 

Cancelling an Alert

You can cancel an Alert at any time by tapping ‘Tap Here To Cancel’. You will be asked to answer yes or no to ‘are you safe?’ and then enter your four-digit pin. If you are not safe, you can type in ‘9999’ at this point to use your Distress Pin.

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